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Welcome To HandyBTC

Forget About Long and Complicated Matrix Programs.. HandyBTC is a Super-Short and Clear Wallet to Wallet,
Donation Platform, Where You Can Earn $110 BTC Over and Over Again, Giving You The Financial Freedom You Deserve!

Join An Active Family

Register and Upgrade Your Account.

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Benefits of Joining HandyBTC

You can cycle out faster with a short 2 stages strategy...

Designed with you in mind

We put at your disposal the BEST Strategy Ever, to grow your Bitcoin Wallet, turning $20 BTC into $110 BTC, Over and Over again! With just 2 Stages to cycle out ..A Dynamic Spillover with 100% Active and Upgraded Members!

We Are One!

We Contribute as ONE Growing Family, with Like-Minded Members!.

Cycle Out and Earn FASTER!

Super-Short Platform with 2 stages of upgrades and 14 "Active Referrals"
spread on 3 Levels of downlines, so you can cycle out and Earn FASTER!!.

No Withdrawal Request

Don't wait forever to cash out!

HandyBTC is a Transparent, Direct Funding, Wallet to Wallet Donation platform.
You'll receive your profits directly into your Bitcoin Wallet.

No Stucking in the system

There is No Getting Stuck in the system.. We have 100% Active and Upgraded Members!

We are actively removing non-upgraded members from HandyBTC Platform,
this way they leave their precious positions to the new and active members!

Stage #1 Re Entry

By re-upgrading your account, you re enter Stage #1 On A New Cycle .. And keep your last position,
With an Active and Growing Downline!

With HandyBTC Bitcoin Comes Handy!

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